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If you are interested in becoming a NIRA recruiter, please visit our “Become a NIRA Member Page” or email us for additional information to “"

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Interested in Joining the National Insurance Recruiting Association

Are you interested in joining an exclusive membership organization that helps recruiters maximize their earning potential?


Take a look at what membership in NIRA has to offer:

NIRA Website:

  • Job Postings –
    • Exclusive access to an industry-leading Job Board with unlimited job postings
    • Per year average – 320,000 job search inquires, 4,500 jobs posted, 17,000 applications
  • Resume Database –
    • Currently holds over 50,000 insurance industry professionals
    • 4,000 – 6,000 new candidates added each year
  • Visibility –
    • NIRA website is in the top 10 results for many commonly used insurance and job search terms. We utilize pay per click campaigns to maximize results and increase visibility.
    • Each member has an individualized profile where they can describe their business and sell their competitive advantage. These profiles benefit from the excellent Search Engine Optimization that the NIRA website receives.

NIRA Split Partners:

  • Too Many Job Orders?
    • When times are good and job orders are plentiful, NIRA provides the resources to help you fill openings that may are not receiving full attention.
    • Many members will reach out to other firms or to the organization as a whole to ask for assistance on a particular opening.
    • You might quickly receive qualified referrals and your client is unaware of their originating source.
    • Use this as a selling point to your client – access to dozens of insurance recruiters with only one point of contact – YOU!
  • Got a job order in an area you do not have experience?
    • Sometimes clients will ask for help with a job order in a part of the country where you lack clients. NIRA has members all over North America and could provide the help you need.
    • If your marketing efforts landed a job in a niche that you have no experience in, NIRA members can help. Our members are very diversified and together cover all facets of the insurance and financial services industry.
  • Not enough Job Orders?
    • If you do not have enough job orders to keep you busy, NIRA members can help! Reach out to a fellow member and ask them if there are jobs they need help with. Your effort could lead to easy money.
    • Maybe you have a candidate that does not fit one of your clients needs…NIRA can help! Using the NIRA website, you can search for jobs and refer the candidate to opportunities that other members are already working on.

NIRA Support

  • Annual meeting:
    • NIRA members are required to attend an annual meeting where business and personal relationships flourish. At the meeting, our members willingly share their “best” practices, successes and other ideas that could help others.
    • We offer training sessions where we brainstorm certain industry challenges and how we can overcome them.
    • Certain vendors may also attend the meeting and showcase their product or service while also offering member pricing and advantages.


  • The cost to join NIRA is minimal. Our annual dues are far below the cost of joining even small job boards and the benefits are so much greater. Our organization does over $1 Million in splits annually with top billers averaging $60,000 - $80,000 / year – this is in additional to their personal billings.
  • Membership in NIRA could also be leveraged to gain new clients and job orders. Our dues are less than placing an advertisement but you will receive greater visibility than most publications or website advertisements.

Here is a short video made by one of our members that highlights several member comments about membership in NIRA:

Contact us today to JOIN the organization or inquire about other benefits of NIRA membership!

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